How to connect SHOUTcast with SAM Broadcaster:

This is a very powerful client that will allow you to do stuff from auto DJ, to adding slogans and advertisements automatically.

First, download SAM here.

Step 1: Get a new encoder. First select "encoder" from the pull down menu under "window".
There are two ways to add a new encoder, either that plus button that's in the encoder window (short cut),

or go to the "file" menu and go to "new". Both ways will get you to the next step.



Step 2: Select the type of encoding, for this example we'll say mp3.



Step 3: Setup the mp3 encoder: Set this up according to your specific streaming package.



Step 4: Configure the encoder: Select SHOUTcast at the top, then change the station name to what you want it to be.
Next, type in your (source) password, port number, and change the mount point to /live



Step 5: Hit the play button



Now you are streaming live



Playing music in Moonlight Grid or SL

The server with port number address should be added to a parcel of land in Moonlight or Second Life
so everyone on that land parcel will hear you play
If you own the land yourself go to About Land/Parcel Details in the menu or right click on the ground and choose About Land.


Click on the "Media" tab and paste the URL into the "Music URL" field

Close the dialog, and when you press play on the music player you should hear your own stream
If you do not own land ask the Club Owner or Manager to change the URL for you

If you are trying to stream from an object of some kind (ex: SHOUTcast Board, radio) please see the instruction that came with your object.