How To Install RadioDJ


If you're thinking of becoming a DJ in Moonlight one of the first things you have to decide is which software to use. The choice is between paying $100's for something like SAM, using cracked software which can include malware, or finding a good free option.
 Whilst Mixxx, is excellent for a Linux system it can be unpredictable on Windows. Fortunately however there is a very good alternative for Windows called RadioDJ, and like Mixxx it is free to download and use.

If there is one drawback to RadioDJ it is that it takes a few stages to install and set up, however, this tutorial will walk you through each stage to make it as quick and easy as possible. The first step is to go to the RadioDJ Download page to get the latest version, then unzip the package. If you don't have a good unzipper, 7Zip is a good free option.

1. Install RadioDJ

  • Download the RadioDJ installer.
  • Run the installation wizard.
  • You'll use the database setup utility to install a new database that stores your settings and other user details.

Now, if you don't have a database such as MySQL or MariaDB, you will receive an alert that your database is offline.


2.Download and install MySQL or Maria DB

RadioDJ requires a database to store information about the playlists, music tracks, events, and more. You can either use MySQL or Maria DB for this purpose.

We will be using Maria DB.

Download Maria DB here.


Open the downloaded file to run the setup wizard.

For the User settings, choose a password you can remember or note it down


In the Database settings, ensure you check Install as service.


Proceed with the rest of the installation.

Click Finish to exit the setup wizard.

- #### 3. Connect RadioDJ to Your Database

Input your root password in the MSQL Password field.


You'll get an ERROR, though this is normal. Just check to see that the MySQL server is online as shown below:


Since radiodj does not exist, we need to install it:


And OK to exit.


4. Adding music tracks

To start using RadioDJ, you need to import music:



Select Import Folder

Click the folder icon.

Choose your music folder and click OK > Import Directory.



You should see your music files in the Search tab on your right.

Click any music track to load it to the playlist on your left.

Enable AUTODJ and click the Play button.


5. Streaming with Voicemeter & BUTT

Next, we are going to install Voicemeter Banana. It's an advanced audio mixer application that allows you to create virtual inputs and outputs.

Download Voicemeter Banana on this page.

Launch the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.


After restarting your computer, launch RadioDJ.

Select the settings icon > Options > Soundcards > Main 1

Voicemeeter provides you with two virtual inputs.

In this example, I'm using the Voicemeeter Aux Input.


6. Launch Voicemeeter & Configure your Inputs and Outputs

Once you launch Voicemeeter, you'll see all your available hardware inputs.

You may use your hardware inputs for line-in, USB microphones, mixers, other virtual inputs, and more.

The Hardware Out section allows you to configure your playback devices.

For instance, you can use A1 to set up your monitoring speakers.


7. Configure BUTT's Audio Device

Launch BUTT (Broadcasting Using This Tool)

Select the Audio Tab.

Choose the Audio Device. (You'll see two Voicemeeter Outputs).


Select the output to match your RadioDJ Input.

For instance, in this case, I've selected Voicemeeter Aux Output. You can clearly see that the VU Meter has started peaking. Alternate between the two outputs to see what is working.


Next, configure your stream server settings on the Main Tab. (If you need more help with this, check out our BUTT tutorial).

8. Configure your stream title settings

BUTT can update the song name from your RadioDJ Now Playing file.

In RadioDJ, select Now Playing Info > File.


  • Select Enable > Save.


In BUTT, select Stream and select the file that contains your Now Playing Text.

For instance, the file directory may be C:/RadioDJv2/NowPlaying.txt.

Select Activate on BUTT and start streaming.


Playing music in Moonlight or SL

The server with port number address should be added to a parcel of land in Moonlight or Second Life
so everyone on that land parcel will hear you play
If you own the land yourself go to About Land/Parcel Details in the menu or right click on the ground and choose About Land.

Land Menu    Land Pie Menu

Click on the "Media" tab and paste the URL into the "Music URL" field


Media Menu

Close the dialog, and when you press play on the music player you should hear your own stream
If you do not own land ask the Club Owner or Manager to change the URL for you

If you are trying to stream from an object of some kind (ex: SHOUTcast Board, radio) please see the instruction that came with your object.