Configuring MP3 Streaming With Mixxx

For licensing reasons Mixxx does not come ready to stream MP3 files so this is the first thing you'll need to configure by adding a lame file.. 

1. Download appropiate lame file for your operating system.

Windows 32bit
Windows 64bit

2. Unzip your files and open the folder.

3. You will see three lame files similar to the above. Copy the libmp3lame.dll file and navigate to your Programs folder.
Paste the lame file into the Mixxx program folder.

4. Rename the file you just pasted from libmp3lame.dll to lame_enc.dll. Close the Mixx file and you are done.

Note: Slightly confusingly there is already a file called lame_enc.dll in the package you just downloaded.
 use that lame file because it won't allow you to stream MP3s.

Linux Users

The process is simpler for linux users. Open a terminal and type the following command:
 sudo apt-get install lib3lame0


Buying A Stream In Moonlight Estates

Shop Pic

 For an audience in Moonlight to be able to hear you DJ you'll need to buy a stream.
This is pretty much the same process as paying for anything in Moonlight. First decide how big your initial audience will be.
If you think it will be no more than 10 then buy a stream that allows for this size of audience.
Otherwise buy a stream that caters for a larger (or smaller) audience.

Simply go to Galaxy Streams inworld, right click on one of the music notes that matches your needs and pay the note up 16 weeks.

Once you have bought your stream you will receive a notecard which will contain the following stream details: 

The IP address
The Port
The password
The stream URL

Entering the Stream Details In Mixxx


1. Start up Mixxx then go to Options > Preferences > Live Broacasting. You will see a window similar to the above image.

2. Under the Type drop down menu select the type of stream you are using.

3. In the Host space enter the IP of your stream. This is likely to be a (see above).
Don't add any  'http:/wwww' section of the name. Leave the Mount space empty if you're using Shoutcast.

4. In the Port space type the number from the notecard that is the port.

5. The default Shoutcast Login is admin. If this space is empty type that in.

6. Type your password into the space provided, then click the OK button at the bottom of the window.

Your stream is now set up in Mixxx and its now time to test it in Moonlight.

Testing Your Stream In Moonlight Estates

To test your stream you'll first need some land where you have rights to change the sound in the About Land settings.
If you don't have your own land then maybe a friend will help you out. This part also assumes you have loaded a play list into Mixxx (if not see below).

1. Start up Mixxx then select Options > Enable Live Broadcasting.
Once your stream is connected you should see a window similar to the image below.

 If your stream doesn't connect it is likely you have made an error entering your stream details in the step above.

2. Now in Moonlight open the About Land window and select Sound. In the space provided enter the URL of your stream.

After toggling the sound once or twice you should begin to hear your stream, although don't forget to allow for the time delay between what
Mixxx is playing and what you can hear in Inworld.

You are now basically up and running as a ME DJ. All you need to do now is find a few venues to share your
DJing awesomeness with other Moonlight residents.

If you want to find out more about Mixxx you can view the online manual, but below is a few hints and tips to get you started.

Creating Playlists

You can if you choose have Mixxx manage all your music files, but being lazy I simply drag each music file I want for a session to a playlist.

1. Click on Playlists  to the lower left of the Mixxx UI and then click on Create new playlist. After naming your playlist it will be available under the Playlists tab.

2. Click on your new playlist then navigate to your music folder, then simply drag each file you want to the playlist.

3. Double click each song in turn to load it into the decks.

Auto DJ

Some DJs like to select tunes to play as they go along but using an auto DJ feature is very common. Auto DJing with Mixxx is a simple process.

1. Click on a playlist you have created then click on the first track. Hold down your Shift Key  then click on the last track in your playlist so all tracks are selected.

2. Drag them to the Auto DJ tab (just above the playlists tab). You have now added your playlist to Auto DJ.

3. Click the Auto DJ button just under the right deck to start Auto DJing. Click again to stop.

Whilst Mixxx is in Auto DJ mode you can still change the order of the playlist as well as adding and deleting tracks.


The Volume control is to the upper right of centre of the Mixxx UI. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the dial to alter volume.
I find it best to turn the volume to max just before I start DJing.

Mic Control

The mic control is just under the left deck. If you can't see it select View > Show Microphone Section.
As you can see from the above image, the mic has its own volume control. Toggle the Talk button to switch the mic on and off.

Playing music in Moonlight or SL

The server with port number address should be added to a parcel of land in Moonlight or Second Life
so everyone on that land parcel will hear you play
If you own the land yourself go to About Land/Parcel Details in the menu or right click on the ground and choose About Land.


Click on the "Media" tab and paste the URL into the "Music URL" field

Close the dialog, and when you press play on the music player you should hear your own stream
If you do not own land ask the Club Owner or Manager to change the URL for you

If you are trying to stream from an object of some kind (ex: SHOUTcast Board, radio) please see the instruction that came with your object.