How to Connect Icecast with Winamp


1.) Get winamp here:
2.) After installing winamp, you will need to obtain the plugin for your source of streaming, many can be found on the icecast website here: 

Here are a few quick suggestions listed below.

- Oddsock has a free client called edcast

download edcast here
- Spacial audio (SAM Broadcaster) also has a try and buy located here:


Mac OS X:

- Nicecast is a free client that is located here


We will be using a Windows based PC using edcast (just for an example). Most other operating systems are going to have the same window setup for the configuration.

Step 3: A. Download appropiate lame file for your operating system.

Windows 32bit
Windows 64bit

B. Unzip your files and open the folder.

C. You will see three lame files similar to the above. Copy the libmp3lame.dll file and navigate to your Programs folder.
Paste the lame file into the

C:/Program Files/winamp

if you would like to broadcasting Mp3 format with Edcast Standalone.

D. Rename the file you just pasted from libmp3lame.dll to lame_enc.dll.



Open up your winamp client

Broadcast Winamp


Step 4: Select the plugin


Winamp edcast plugin


Step 5: Add an encoder


How to connect edcast to Icecast


Step 6: Select configure encoder


Edcast Plugin

Step 7: Insert your information


Connecting edcast to Icecast

Step 8: Now you can connect and start playing music.


Icecast streaming