Starting out with your new SHOUTcast Server (Live)

Scroll down for AutoDJ Set-up

1.) Log into the Centovacast Control panel. (AutoDJ/Admin link provided in notecard you recieved when you purchased your stream.)

 how to setup centovacast autodj

2.) Make sure to click Start.

3.) The status light should turn green and you'll be broadcasting live!

See appropriate tutorials for setting up a broadcaster.
If you have decided to continue with autodj follow the tutorial below for adding your music.


1.)Log into the Centovacast Control panel. Your log in information was sent to you by email after you purchased your plan.

 how to setup centovacast autodj


2.) To enabled the autodj you have to stop the server. Under Server, Click on "Stop" on the left hand side of the control panel.

autodj for centovacast setup


3.) Under Configuration, Click on "Settings"

shoutcast autodj setup


4.) Click on the autodj tab "Autodj"

shoutcast autodj unlimited disk space


5.) Change the Autodj Status to "Enabled"

free shoutcast server


6.) Click "Update" toward the bottom of the page and you will see the Autodj options appear.

SHOUTcast Server Setup


7.) Now that the Autodj has been enabled you can start uploading your music to the server. Under Autodj, Click on "Files"

SHOUTcast Auto DJ


8.) Make sure that the "media" folder is selected on the top Left hand side. At the bottom of the page, Click on "Upload"


Auto DJ


9.) Click on "Select Files" and find the Mp3 files on your computer that you would like to upload. One you have selected your files click on Open and Mp3s will start uploading to the server. note: Centovacast only accepts Mp3 files.

AutoDJ SHOUTcast


 10.) After your music has finished uploading to the "media" folder you can start creating playlists for SHOUTcast. Click on "Return" on the bottom left to return to the main Menu. After you return to the main menu Click on the "Media" tab under Autodj and you will see your Media Library pop up with all your media listed by the Artist.

centovacast with autodj


11.) You can now start creating your playlists. Click on the Artist that you desire, you will see the Albums by that artist appear on the right hand side, click on the Album that you desire, then you will see the Songs on the Album appear below. Click on the Song(s) and drag them to the left into the a Playlist.  note: make sure to disable any playlist that does not have media in it. You can disable a playlist by right clicking on it and then clicking "disable." You can also create, edit and manage your playlist(s) by clicking on "Mange Playlists" then click the "edit" button to the right of the playlist that you wish to edit.

how to setup centovacast autodj


12.) Once you have added Music to your playlist you can now start the server. Click on "Return" on the bottom left. Then Under Server, Click on "Start" and your music will start Streaming to Internet.

free centovacast license



Switching from AutoDJ to Live Broadcast and vise versa

Disable Centova Cast Auto DJ for live streaming, enable Auto DJ to switch from live to centova Auto DJ or use remote function for SHOUTcast v1 server
(This is about SHOUTcast v1 because SHOUTcast v2 and ICEcast be switched automatically form autoDJ to live broadcast and vice versa, so for SHOUTcast v2 and ICEcast there is no need to disable-enable or stop-start your AutoDJ.)

a) Disable - Enable AutoDJ:

- Login to Centova Cast V3 Control Panel:
Switching from AutoDJ to Live Broadcast:

1. At Server click "Stop" (If your SHOUTcast is up and running).

2. At Configuration  click "Settings" > "AutoDJ" > At AutoDJ status: choose "Disabled" > click "Update" to save.

3. At Server click "Start".

4. Connect your Streaming Software for Live Broadcast.

Switching from Live Broadcast to AutoDJ:

1. Disconnect your Streaming Software.

2. At Server click "Stop".

3. At Configuration  click "Settings" > "AutoDJ" > At AutoDJ status: choose "Enabled" > click "Update" to save.

4. At Server click "Start".

b) Centova Cast Remote Function:

- Login to Centova Cast V3 Control Panel:

Switching from AutoDJ to Live Broadcast:

1. While your stream is running at AutoDJ, prepare your Streaming Software (do not connect your Streaming Software at this point).

2. At AutoDJ Click at "Stop the autoDJ" icon.
3. Connect your Streaming Software for Live Broadcast immediately or the AutoDJ will be connected automatically.

Switching from Live Broadcast to AutoDJ:

1. Disconnect your Streaming Software and the AutoDJ will be connected automatically within next minutes,
or you can do this manually by clicking at "Start the autoDJ' icon under AutoDJ.

Please keep in mind:
The autoDJ should never be "kicked" using ShoutCast's "kick source" feature.

Your DJs should always stop the autoDJ before broadcasting live, and restart the autoDJ when their broadcast is complete.

If Centova Cast shows your source status as "Remote" and won't let you deactivate the autoDJ or skip songs, this is the result of kicking the autoDJ. In some cases, the kicked source will remain running in the background, and the next time a legitimate source disconnects, the kicked source will reconnect to the server. Because the kicked source is no longer under Centova Cast's control, Centova Cast will not be able to stop or disconnect it.

This can be prevented by stopping the autoDJ properly rather than kicking it. Once a kicked autoDJ has "gone remote", however, you will need to reboot your server which will solve the problem automatically.